Body Building Abs!








Hi all!

I did this ab routine last night and am feeling it today! This is the only routine that always makes my abs sore. It’s usually a difficult area for me to feel afterwards. Try it!! Do all the exercises below with no breaks, then repeat for a total of 3 sets.  CrUncH!!

We’ve Got This!!

Stability Ball Sit Ups ( with feet positioned on the wall) – 20 reps

Weighted Super Crunch  (ball is secured under knee I use 8 lbs.) – 20 reps

Stability Ball Sit Ups (with feet on floor)  -20 reps

Stability Ball Rollout (elbows on ball / knees on floor) – 20 reps

Extra Credit:

Plank – 60 seconds

Pulse-Ups – 20 reps

Vertical Toe Touch  – 20 each leg

Alternate Heel Touch Crunches  – 30 reps

I found a portion of this routine a while back through Flavia Del Monte. The link to the video is below.

Crazy Six Pack Abs Workout

Kill it!!


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