Body Building – Leg Day – Day 38

Day 38


Have you ever felt drained, dizzy or even nauseous after an intense weight training session? Well guess what? You should experience one of these symptoms each and every time you properly work out your legs. I felt this mostly after getting off the leg pres machine tonight – just a few seconds of dizziness. I was pushing 230 lbs. and weigh in at – holy s***, I just weighed myself and my scale showed 105 lbs. I will weigh myself at the gym tomorrow and see what that shows. I’ve been holding at 116 for the past year or so, but haven’t weighed myself in well over 2 months. Hmmm.. that’s almost kind of concerning. I still have tons of muscle and really don’t look any different. I think that ghetto scale is wrong.

Anyway, when training your legs, you’re basically working half your body in one session. Training your leg muscles doesn’t only work your lower half; it actually works your entire body, increases your heartbeat and gets your blood flowing to help burn fat and work your cardiovascular system.

Working out your legs is also crucial to maintain a nice symmetry, which is simply the proper balance between the size of each and every one of your body’s muscles. (In layman terms, it means you won’t look like a Popsicle, with a muscular upper body and chicken legs)

Quad Killer

Leg extensions: 2 warm-up sets with lighter weight (50 Lbs.) for 30 reps
           Extra Credit: Leg Extensions  3 sets of 110 lbs. x 10 – added another 10 lbs. this round

Wide stance barbell squat: 2 lighter sets of 15 reps (45 lb. Olympic Bar) , 2 heavier sets to failure (100 Lbs x 8) – added another 5 lbs since last time. Next time all add another 5 for a total of 110 lbs.

Leg press: 230 lbs. – 4 sets of 8 reps – added 15 lbs since last time

Walking Barbell Lunges: 30 lbs. – 3 sets of 20 reps – went down 10 lbs from last week. I was shaky during this set.

Barbell Step-ups: 25 lb. barbell – 3 sets of 10 reps

Plie Dumbbell squat: 45 lbs. – 3 sets of 15 reps

Sitting calf raise: 90 lbs. – 3 sets of 20 reps, last set to failure

Leg press calf raise: 190 lbs. – 3 sets of 20 reps, last set to failure


One response to “Body Building – Leg Day – Day 38

  1. Good post.. For me I don’t work out till pain is too great or nausea sets in though…I don’t believe that is proper and can actually lead to injury if done consistently in your workouts…

    Good leg workout….

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