Body Building – Arms/Abs/Cardio – Day 50

Day 50

Abs the easy way.

Got abs

In general, when you are trying to build up a weak area of the biceps, the best technique you can employ is one-arm dumbbell exercises. Doing an entire set with just one arm at a time allows for maximum concentration and intensity, and ensures that each arm works to its maximum. This keeps a stronger biceps from overshadowing the weaker, which can result in asymmetrical arm development. Also, be sure to twist the wrist during the movement for total biceps contraction.

However, I believe one major reasons bodybuilders show weak points in the biceps is that they do the exercises incorrectly. You need to master proper technique–keeping the elbows steady, lowering the weight rather than dropping it, employing as many Shocking Principles as possible–and then you will be much less likely to have problems in this area.

For example, I see a lot of bodybuilders using their forearms when they do curls, starting the motion with a kind of Wrist Curl which takes away from the effectiveness of the exercise.

Or they will do a Curl and, at the top, instead of flexing their biceps–to maintain maximal tension–they will just throw the weight back toward their shoulders, leaving the biceps loose and not working at all. I recommend instead using the peak contraction principle–flexing the biceps as hard as possible when you get to the top of the Curl.

-Arnold Schwarzenegger

For Mass
Lift Heavy. Takes intense mental focus and concentration. Visualize your biceps growing! Do Barbell Curls and Cheating Reps.

For Length, Thickness
You must full stretch the biceps to the max and concentrate on working the lower one-third of the mass. Try prone curls or incline curls to really focus the biceps to the max. Preacher curls work very well for isolation and thickness development. For even better isolation, try the single arm isolation preacher machine. Try rotating the wrists 180 degrees for your last set.

For Height
Concentration curls work well to build that peak. Use a dumbbell or cable for the movement. The intensity should be placed heavily on the top one-third of the muscle mass. Flex your biceps as hard as possible without causing them to cramp at the top of the movement for peak development.
This should really burn and give you a tremendous pump. Dumbell curls that cause your thumb to point outward by twisting the wrist towards the outside of your body as you lift the weight will build great height also. After completely burning the biceps strike some poses in the mirror emphasizing your peak.

For Mass & Outer Thickness
Any kind of curls that bring the weight in towards your chest, such as Close-Grip Barbell Curls or Close-Grip Preachers will develop great mass and outer thickness. Concentration curls that are done inward toward the center of the body will get that outer thickness growing too.

Mass & Inner Thickness
Hammer curls work very well for developing inner thickness. Hammer curls are where you face your palm inward rather than upward as you lift the weight in a semicircular arc. You will notice the difference in stress this places on the biceps. Also, some basic movements work will such as standing barbell curls (wide-grip), seated or standing dumbbell curls incline dumbbell curls, wide-grip barbell, preacher curls.

For Striation, Separation, & Definition
Use as many different biceps exercises as possible. Dumbbell movements are a must because of the great range of motion they provide and the ability you have of hitting every different angle with them. Reverse curls are very good at developing the brachio radialis and biceps so that your back double bicep shows lots of definition.

For Mass & Upper Triceps
Do dips, one-arm cable pressdowns cable pressdowns reverse and regular, and kickbacks very slowly and strictly, flexing completely. Hold the concentration briefly at the top of the movement.

For Mass & Lower Triceps
Weighted dips and dips behind the back in which you descend fully, but only go three-quarters of the way up force intense concentration on the lower portion of the triceps because stress is placed on them constantly during the set.

Pullin’ out the big guns!

Narrow push-ups: 4 sets of 15 reps
Seated triceps press: 20 lbs. – 4 sets of 8 reps
End of Superset

Cable one-arm triceps extensions: 20 lbs. – 3 sets of 8 reps
Triceps pushdown: 60 lbs. – 3 sets of 8 reps
End of Superset

Skull-crushers: 30 lbs. – 3 sets of 8 reps
Close-grip barbell bench press: 45 lbs. – 3 sets of 8 reps
End of Superset

Incline Dumbbell curls: 12.5 lbs – 4 sets of 8 reps

Alternating Dumbbell curls: 15 lbs. –  4 sets of 8 reps

Barbell Curl 21s: 20 lbs. – 2 sets 21 reps

Stability ball crunches: 3 sets of 25 reps

Stability ball jackknifes: 3 sets of 15 reps

Stability Ball reverse crunches (ball between feet): 3 sets of 15 reps

Cardio – 30 minutes medium intensity cardio (running, elliptical, step-mill, etc)

arm -49

My arm on day 49


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